Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Get a Man to Approach You

Being single is a treasured lifestyle for some. But for those women who relish companionship or maybe even a one-nighter from time to time, picking up is a skill that is necessary. You've got to attract the guy before you can spend any time with him. If you're a woman who wants to know how to get a man to approach you, follow this guide.

Step 1

Look good. If you want a man to approach you, he's got to want to approach you. That means you've got to look attractive. Put on your sexiest dress, do your hair and wear some makeup. Don't overdo it so much that you might pass for a prostitute though. You definitely won't attract the right kind of guy by looking cheap. Instead, spend some time getting dolled up and be sure to show some leg. A good pair of heels and some silky-smooth legs will absolutely have the opposite sex looking your way.
Step 2
Get out there and dance. At most social gatherings, the dance floor is where the party is at. Those people who aren't dancing are still usually looking at the dancers out on the dance floor. If you want to get noticed, get out there and dance. Have a good time, laugh often and strut your stuff. You'll definitely get a guy to approach you and start dancing with you.

Step 3

Strike a sideways glance. If you're sitting at the bar and a certain hottie grabs your attention, don't be afraid to give him a little glance. If you take a second to acknowledge him and then smile as you make eye contact, he is going to know that you're interested in him. Then just stay put and wait it out until he walks over to meet you.

Step 4

Smile. No guy is going to be attracted to a sullen girl. So you've got to smile. A pearly-white smile is indicative of a happy, fun-loving woman and that's definitely something men go for. So wherever you are, maintain a happy attitude. A smile from across the room at a stranger may just have him walking your way.

Step 5

Gesture to him.  If you want to be a more forward with your approach to getting guys to come to you, then you're going to have to use your body language. If you spot a guy you'd like to get to know better and the smile hasn't been working for you, gesture to him. Draw him toward you with your index finger, or give him a sexy wave. Nod your head toward the empty seat next to you and if he's at all interested, he will approach you. Buy him a drink and if all goes well, you'll have successfully snagged yourself a man.


Estelle said...

hihihihihi u funny i swear.............

Anonymous said...

why funnyy thats is the fact lol

Anonymous said...

Allmost true ohhh

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