Monday, November 5, 2007

help children in tanzania

Behind to James
I have desire to use all of my life to help children which are there for the next generation. I have aim high to make sure that any body that have something to contbuit they can have chance to, I understand that no one can do anything alone, we all born to help each other. every success person used some one to make him do it, I have experience of pure life because I was born from the pour family one thing I know is those people who was born to the family like, they think to much but with the limit of they’re life stile if you give them anything to do or to learn they do in the way even beyond you are expectation. I know if we can decide to help them together we can. I would like to do this because I need our children to have things to do, through my research many children young people they egged them9 selves to Drug and abstains abuse because of missing some one to direct them what to do or where to go. Many of them are now gone many of them they cant go back to good life because there behavior and brain life stile has changed them to the max mum no wonder so many crime happen.
Train the child the way should be our mission is to help those children who we see there not yet infected at all, we need to teach them on how they can do things practical so that they won’t be able to access where the other has passed through.
I would like to share ideas with an body like musician, televisions, computer company, food seller, closes sellers’, traveling company, industrials.

Just to see how we can make this works to help the world of children’s,
We all knows to state anything need patient and courage I need you all help to make this dream of mine works I know it will because we all need the world of peace love hope and development,
Without prepare to have understand, reasonable children’s were prepare the spoiled generation.
One thing we all have to remember (He how fells to prepare he is prepare to fail),

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