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Why men love other people's wives more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wife for a man who
Mr.Derrick Sebastian

complex, we use the moral well judged. Sexologist not say you, people are sexual rights. The right to  seek their own right, some burst out of the depths of human thought and behavior, and no mistake. However, as an important part of life, marriage, or needs a stable. Similarly, the society needs stability.
Heart in man: a good wife is always someone else's child is your own rod! This is the men who called his wife Complex. Comparison of the wife who is always obsessed, fond of!
A man, over 30, the cause of small achievements. It stands to reason also to start considering when to marry, but he did not want. Asked the reason, The answer was: "no feeling for all the girls." Not that they are frivolous affectation, is that they are hypocritical, not content.

He said the girls got into that strip of light arms, he has no physical response. Asked him not in terms of problems, A: Definitely not. And see some of the gentle, thought Cishi, has a wife and women, even across the street, will feel an upsurge of swing. Therefore, over the past decade, did not talk about love.
Man B, married two years, the creature of disgruntled. Angry when their Acacia always eyes closed, I do not know the contents appreciate Sheng Yue. Moreover, the number had Houchu daughter, my colleagues in the name. Beautiful wife denounced the Cold War began, the men avoided no pet.
men, marriage is not over seven years, has been itching. Wife, sister friends, brothers, friends, wife, have felt better than his wife. So looking forward to an ambiguous, with another round of fantastic taste. Started from close, and create opportunity. Suggest some, though by refusal, but indomitable, expectations harvest.
These three men, the performance of different, but belong to the same disease. THINKING study show? Pursue new requesting different? Or emulate? In fact, this is only one wife to the past. What a wife feeling?
Emotion expert explained, men love the feeling of more light, while the growing interest in other people's wife, the complex that is. What is the reason? In fact, this is a psychological factor at play.
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