Thursday, February 17, 2011


The government has urged the displaced residents of Gongo la Mboto and its nearby suburbs to go back to their homes and continue with their daily activities as the area is now secured and no more bombs explosions are expected.

More than 4,000 people have been displaced following series of bomb explosions which rocked Gongo la Mboto Military camp (511KJ) on Wednesday night, killing at least 20 people, resulting into panic, fear and displacement of the people living near the camp.

The call was made on Thursday by President Jakaya Kikwete as he was receiving the report from the Commanding Officer of the barracks, Colonel Aloyce Mwanjile when he visited the camp.

Mr Kikwete expressed his condolence to all victims and said the incidence has touched the whole nation and is a national disaster which requires patience as the National Security Committee was scheduled to meet on Thursday afternoon to discuss the matter.

“I was informed at night about the incidence, and the military base camp management and other security officials came at the state house at 3am (Thursday) where we had discussion on the incidence, I empathize with all victims, people should be calm and serene as we are seeing forward to make everything in order,” said Mr Kikwete.

Presenting the report before the president Colonel Mwanjile said 20 civilians have been reported dead and more than 300 casualties being hospitalized, however no combatant’s death report but only one have been reported to suffer a minor injury on his right hand.

“During the explosions, some 23 weapon store were burnt down in addition to two dormitories used by unmarried male and female soldiers as well as five vehicles,” Colonel Mwanjile presented adding that explosions also led to the burning of the general store and various damages to buildings within the barracks.

Mr Kikwete was accompanied by the Chief of Defence Forces of the Tanzania People's Defence Force General Davis Mwamunyange, Minister of Defence and National Service of Tanzania, Dr Hussein Mwinyi, the Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander Suleiman Kova, the Acting Dar es Salaam Region Commissioner, Mr Said Meck Sadick, Temeke District Commissioner, Ms Chiku Gallawa and other security and government officials.

Tanzania People Defense Force (TPDF), Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Abdurrahman Shimbo urged people not to touch any remains of bombs as they may blow up once irritated, saying that the TPDF experts are already in the suburbs collecting them.

He said such bomb remnants have been discovered in some areas including; Pugu Kajiungeni, Tabata, Yombo and in Gongolamboto and advised people to immediately report whenever they come into contact with them.

TPDF’s spokesperson, Lt Kapambala Mgawe dashed out claims by some people on the cause of the explosions as rumor had it that the bombs exploded because were expired saying that expired bomb can longer explode and the source of the incident will be made public when it is established by the investigative team.

‘Daily News’ witnessed hundreds of people aimlessly walking along Nyerere road with most shops and hotels around remaining closed for the whole day, with long traffic jam experienced from Mombasa to areas around Julius Nyerere Airport.

However, some residents seemed to care less about the incident as they were found going on with their business as usual with bomb remnants in their houses without reporting to respective authority; Mr Mwashuruti Juma a resident of Gulukwa Kwalala suburb at Ukonga Ward exemplified this.Alone

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