Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Good Pharmacist

Miss.Diana Njau
1. Turn up on time
2. Actually work - don't read the paper all day!
3. Keep up to date on drug knowledge etc
4. Be nice to the staff
5. Be nice to the customers
6. Be prepared to go out of your way to help someone

10 Personal Attributes that Make a Good Pharmacist

Tom O'Connor, PharmD
So, you’re thinking about becoming a pharmacist. Now what makes you think that you’d make a good one? Review the top 10 personal attributes below and see if they are compatible with your personality. If so, pharmacy is a good choice for you.
  1. Attention to detail and accuracy.
  2. Ability to multi-task and prioritize duties and responsibilities.
  3. A sincere interest in and empathy for the health of patients.
  4. Ability to work well with both managers and subordinates.
  5. Good communication skills and a desire to educate patients on their medications.
  6. Ability to express yourself well to other health care professionals.
  7. Willingness and ability to always perform at 100% while at work.
  8. Present oneself in a professional manner.
  9. Ability to ask the right questions to clarify patient concerns.
  10. Have an appreciation for the business aspects of the profession.

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